sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

Tender Love and Care

Tender Love and Care, originally uploaded by Araleya.

Tender Love and Care

I can't do any better for photo. It's plain colors, plain background but it gives deep impact to my sense and induce beautiful feeling every time..
Just a few second I could capture it fast to record the tender love and care of both loves of my life..

Poon is a half Labrador and Golden Retriever who always thinks she is a mom of every pet in my house.. She is mother to several cats even give real milk to Sanshiro.

Sanshiro is the homeless cat I found when he was very young, skinny and totally hungry.. He ran to me and I decided to adopt him ... He was with me since 5 Jan this year and passed away in Sep this year too.. Really short time with him but ia the most impressive time with pets, ever in my life..

During weekend I often sit in front yard and pets gather all around.. It's good times to spend and I could observe so many wonderful things in my garden where somehow I feel like it is little secret garden..

Just very impressive moment of tender love and care of dog and cat for me. In this photo, Everything is tough, hard and concrete but the only gentleness is their love


Nonthaburi, Thailand